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It's Springtime!

Itís time to get your irrigation system ready for spring.

 Because not all contractors or sprinkler systems are the same, it’s important to know the contractor you chose is reputable, professional and experienced. Their experience and professionalism will make a big difference in your experience of owning a sprinkler system.

P & K Irrigation is family owned and operated, we are the sprinkler contractor you can trust.

P & K irrigations expertise and specialized irrigation experience is important in determining how long your sprinkler system will service you. The fact is the design and installation quality of your sprinkler system will make the difference between owning a sprinkler system that keeps your lawn and garden green and healthy, and a water wasting troublesome sprinkler system that will leave your lawn patchy looking, unhealthy, unattractive and surely disappointing.

A professionally designed and installed sprinkler system is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only is an automatic sprinkler system an amenity many more home buyers expect to find in a home, but there is no easier way to keep your landscape watered effectively than with a sprinkler system installed by
P & K Irrigation. Also a properly designed and installed system will actually help you save water by using your water more efficiently.

Whether you are a home owner or a commercial property owner, an automatic sprinkler system will help increase the value of your property and save you money by saving you time and water.

Discover all the benefits of having P & K Irrigation install a sprinkler system for you.