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What to Ask Your Contractor

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What to Ask Your Contractor

When purchasing a sprinkler system, be sure to ask your sprinkler contractor the following questions...

         Are they licensed to do business in your city


         Are they covered under workers compensation insurance?


         Is their office staffed during regular business hours to answer your call?


         What type of customer service is offered after the system is installed?


         Are they members of any trade associations?

  • Will the controller have extra zones available for any future use?
  • Will the controller have multiple programs that will allow you to have more control of your scheduling?
  • Will a backflow prevention device be installed per city code?
  • Will all wiring above grade be installed in electrical conduit, and only water-proof connectors used?
  • Will extra wires be installed for future use?
  • Will all piping be installed a minimum of 6” in depth?
  • Will all constant pressure pipe “main-line” be PVC? If not will a master valve be used?
  • Will all heads be a pop-up type of sprinkler, spaced for head-to-head coverage?
  • Will there be separate zones for lawn and beds?
  • Will the control valves be installed in properly sized valve box?
  • Will a rain sensor be installed?

Don't Just Take the Low Bid...

All irrigation systems are not created equal. Some may be cheap initially, but down the road you will pay for a poorly designed system.

A Poorly Designed and Installed System Will Prove to Be More Expensive Over the Long Run!